Clinical Evidence of the Effects of CBD on Cancer

My father always said to me after losing both of his parents to cancer in the late 1960’s “I know there is a cure I think the goverment is hiding it from us”. I cherish that memory of him saying that and I knew he was right. A recent review of the multi-target effects of CBD in different types of cancer indicates that CBD is a promising bioactive molecule for treating cancer. CBD has anti-tumor properties (Ligrestri et al., 2006). Thanks Dad for instilling the will to help others in me – I hope you are smiling at me from heaven.

An increased number of studies have demonstrated that CBD and other related cannabinoids have present anticancer potential both in vitro and in vivo in a multitude of animal models ( Ramer, et al., 2008).

In 2018 an 81- year- old -man who was diagnosed with lung cancer refused chemotherapy and radiation therapy and began self-administration of CBD oil. One month later the number and size medistinal lymph nodes was observed on a CT scan (

CBD in different forms and concentrations plays in a key role in a different complex mechanisms that have as a final result the blocking cancer initiation, progression, progression, and metastation in different types of cancer (Sledsinzki et al., 2018)


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