About Us

We love organic products, our pets, a good carbonated natural soda on a hot day in Redding, and the health benefits of CBD and CBG. That’s why we are going to give it a go again after being shut down by the titans of tech (FB, Google and Amazon) in our earlier online store CBD Farmacy we created in 2015. We are third generation Californians from Northern California who have a rich history in growing cannabis. Our over 40 years of growing experience has provided us with an understanding of how to source premium CBD and CBG distillates from farmers in our region.

Farmers across the US are recognizing the value of producing organically-grown hemp. Organic full spectrum hemp CBD oil refers to a pure, oil containing all the cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, proteins and terpenes. We will be sourcing are CBD and CBG oil from feminized hemp with high levels of CBG and CBD and very low levels of THC.

We are targeting a spring 2020 rollout of three products focused on pets and you the health conscious consumer.

We look forward to getting to know our customers and share our pet stories, photos, and videos. We welcome you to create an account and post stories of how our products are helping you and your pets lead a long happy and healthy life.

Lola's Organic CBD Peanut Butter
Coming Soon (Spring 2020) Lola’s CBG and CBD Organic Peanut Butterr
Heidi's Organic Potions and Lotions
Spring 2020 -Heidi’s CBG and CBD Lotions and Potions
Duke's Soda made with Organic Honey
Spring 2020 Duke’s CBD Soda with Organic Honey